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Dreams of an introvert…

I want a lonely hut in the forest with a teapot, some chocolate, some good books and a fire. That would be great. Perfect holidays. I wanna do this sometimes, just forget about the world around me and drive into the forest….I mean, yes, not having acomputer would be tough but just being out there and thinking about nothing would be SO DAMN GREAT. I’d meditate and read and photograph and paint and cook and then some people would come (not many, just a few) and we’d celebrate silvester there.

that’s my dream.

And that’s my dream music:

I wish everyone who reads this a beautiful and exciting week!

Sophie ♥
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This week…

School begins in two weeks and I have nothing to do besides lying around and reading Harry Potter. I want to enjoy my last weeks and just relax!

This is my song of the week. It’s perfect for a dreamy afternoon with lots of fresh and warm homemade cinnamon buns.

I hope you enjoy your time as much as I do!

A great week, y’all!