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a little bit about me

I love harry Potter. No, I don’t love it, I LOVE it! I’d literally die for another Harry Potter book and I read the whole series once a year. and I cry. Every time. i just wanted to thank J.K. Rowling for creating a piece of art that gave me many many hours of laughing and crying, happiness and sadness.

Last week I was reading The Half Blood Prince.  I was just reading the chapter of dumbledore’s funeral and I already had to cry and then this song begun in the shuffle mode on my ipod:

I was crying like a waterfall.

and then this was playing:

Weird, right?! I cried a lot, as you may understand, and then the happy song begun and I was suddenly happy.
my ipod knows me better than myself.

Maybe this post was a little bit cheesy, but I owe J.K.rowling so much and this was the least I could do, haha..

I think you’ll hear a lot more about Harry potter in this blog.


Oh, and “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”

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