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this week is delicious!

I love food! cooking, baking, photographing and, of course, eating it! And I love this time of the year where you can take everything from your garden! I love fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes!

Yesterday I made this tomato-fennel-salad. It’s so easy! just add some sliced fennel, some vinegar and oil to Your tomatoes. de-lic-ious!! really!

I lovelovelove this song, it’s so funny!

Just some food-photos…(:

Happy eating, y’all!


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Autumn is coming!

Hey, friends! Do you feel it too? The air is changing, leaves are falling and everyone is in the mood for hot chocolate. Autumn is coming! Autumn is by far my favourite season! you can wear parkas and Scarfs and, well, you can drink hot chocolate without breaking into sweat.

great sunday, y’all!

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three little cats

Photographing cats is fun. Actually, I have around 400 photos of cats on my computer and they grow more every day. It’s fun to document a whole cat’s life – from baby to adult.

Each day they grow older. You can almost watch them growing. If you’ve never had baby cats, you have to get some! Aside from the cuteness you can learn something for life: Babies, no matter if they are cats, elephants, or, well, humans, are wonderful. And cute. Very, very cute.

As you may have noticed: I love cats. But who doesn’t?


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