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Dreams of an introvert…

I want a lonely hut in the forest with a teapot, some chocolate, some good books and a fire. That would be great. Perfect holidays. I wanna do this sometimes, just forget about the world around me and drive into the forest….I mean, yes, not having acomputer would be tough but just being out there and thinking about nothing would be SO DAMN GREAT. I’d meditate and read and photograph and paint and cook and then some people would come (not many, just a few) and we’d celebrate silvester there.

that’s my dream.

And that’s my dream music:

I wish everyone who reads this a beautiful and exciting week!

Sophie ♥
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a little bit about me

I love harry Potter. No, I don’t love it, I LOVE it! I’d literally die for another Harry Potter book and I read the whole series once a year. and I cry. Every time. i just wanted to thank J.K. Rowling for creating a piece of art that gave me many many hours of laughing and crying, happiness and sadness.

Last week I was reading The Half Blood Prince.  I was just reading the chapter of dumbledore’s funeral and I already had to cry and then this song begun in the shuffle mode on my ipod:

I was crying like a waterfall.

and then this was playing:

Weird, right?! I cried a lot, as you may understand, and then the happy song begun and I was suddenly happy.
my ipod knows me better than myself.

Maybe this post was a little bit cheesy, but I owe J.K.rowling so much and this was the least I could do, haha..

I think you’ll hear a lot more about Harry potter in this blog.


Oh, and “Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure”

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this week is delicious!

I love food! cooking, baking, photographing and, of course, eating it! And I love this time of the year where you can take everything from your garden! I love fresh vegetables, especially tomatoes!

Yesterday I made this tomato-fennel-salad. It’s so easy! just add some sliced fennel, some vinegar and oil to Your tomatoes. de-lic-ious!! really!

I lovelovelove this song, it’s so funny!

Just some food-photos…(:

Happy eating, y’all!


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Autumn is coming!

Hey, friends! Do you feel it too? The air is changing, leaves are falling and everyone is in the mood for hot chocolate. Autumn is coming! Autumn is by far my favourite season! you can wear parkas and Scarfs and, well, you can drink hot chocolate without breaking into sweat.

great sunday, y’all!

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